Christ Community Church Child Protection Policy on Messaging:

While not specifically related to messaging, the following informs our position:

Staff members and volunteers in the Children’s Ministry at Christ Community Church are prohibited from possessing any sexually oriented materials (magazines, cards, images, videos, films, etc.) on church property or in the presence of children.

  • CCC prohibits the use of sexual contact or language of any kind with minors (i.e. in person, phone, text, email, social media, etc.). This includes interaction involving:
  • Sexually suggestive language, racy jokes, sexual innuendo, descriptions of sexual experiences/habits
  • Uploading, downloading, or viewing of pornography including selfies of a sexual nature.
  • Music, video games, and movies with sexual themes.
  • Messages that humiliate, threaten, ridicule, degrade, or frighten.
  • NOTE: This does not include Session approved Biblical teaching on human sexuality with an age-appropriate audience.
  • Parental/Caretake Communication Consent: The Lead staff member for Next Generation ministry will attain signed parental/caretaker consent for ministry persons to engage in one-to-one messaging with minors at CCC (under 18 years of age).
  • CCC acknowledges that there will be times when minors (who have independent phone access), whose parents/caretakers have not yet given consent, will reach out to ministry person via phone/messaging for advice, prayer, or questions. When such happens, the ministry person should briefly address the immediate concern or question raised and inform the Next Generation Pastor/Ministry leader so that consent of the parent/caretaker for further communication can be requested.
  • Ministry workers who serve minors will be trained and reminded on an ongoing basis on this policy and its implications as directed by the Session.

  • This policy sets wise boundaries in ministry to minors while not deterring ministry to those same minors.
  • This directs necessary wisdom in ministry to minors without being a reaction out of fear to what could happen or has happened elsewhere.
  • This highlights the importance of ongoing training and accountability to those ministering to minors.
  • This policy aims to protect all relationships by seeking the glory of Christ and the purity of His church, particularly here at Christ Community Church.